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Elevate Your Application Development with AWS Container Services

Businesses constantly face the task of enhancing performance and accelerating innovation to provide higher-quality applications to their customers. Containers offer a portable, lightweight, and consistent development environment for your applications to easily run and scale. With our Containerized services, we can design and architect container solutions on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to accelerate your business outcomes.


The Need for Containerized Applications on the Cloud

Many businesses that aspire to be more responsive and innovative are still using monolithic architectures and outdated development practices that increase their IT expenses. By partnering with Cloudelligent, you can unlock the power of cloud containers, deploy scalable applications on AWS, and elevate your application development capabilities to the next level.

Benefits of Containerization with Cloudelligent

Cloudelligent can help transform your applications on the cloud with containerization technology, and enable you to deliver high-quality experiences for your customers.

  • Transistion to a Microservices Architecture
    Enable smaller, more frequent application release updates to accelerate development lifecycles and improve software quality.
  • Integrate Seamlessly
    Integrate and optimize your containers with powerful AWS services and leverage the breadth and depth of the AWS platform from security, compliance to monitoring.
  • Expedite Time to Market
    Launch new features, updates, products, and services to market quickly by enabling your developers to work on different components of the application in parallel.
  • Simplify Operations
    Streamline development workflows to build, test, and deploy your applications on the AWS cloud and eliminate manual code deployment with DevOps and CI/CD automation.
  • Enhance Software Scalability
    Quickly scale your applications on the cloud with orchestration platforms such as Amazon ECS or Kubernetes to meet customer demand.
  • Reduce Operational Costs
    Deploy and manage containers for your applications without provisioning or managing servers.

Containerization Technology We Utilize

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

AWS Fargate

Our Approach to Containerization

Cloudelligent provides end-to-end solutions to create, deploy, manage, and scale containers on AWS so you can develop your applications quickly and efficiently.

  • Step 1: Strategic Consulting
    We offer high-level design, roadmap recommendations, and performance tuning for your container strategy that aligns with your application development workflows.
  • Step 2: Architect a Container Platform
    We configure and architect your container deployment, management, and scaling based on DevOps and CI/CD best practices which enable your customers to enjoy high levels of application availability and reliability.
  • Step 3: Deploy Container Delivery Pipeline
    We build automated pipelines and microservices, and deploy containers across your AWS environment to enable application modernization.

Simplify Your Container Deployments on the Cloud

Get Started Today!

With a culture deeply rooted in the cloud, Cloudelligent has extensive experience with cloud containers on AWS. Our experts can help you implement the perfect container strategy across your software development lifecycle to enable the benefits of increased agility and productivity.


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What is a container?
A container is a lightweight, portable, and standalone object that packages an application’s code, system tools, system libraries, settings, and dependencies. Containers allow applications to be deployed quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.
What is a container service in the cloud?
A container service allows software developers to upload, organize, run, scale, and manage containerized applications on the AWS cloud. This allows applications to be transferred to different cloud or operating system environments without having any integration or deployment issues.
What are the advantages of adopting containers on AWS?
Containers enable application modernization and support DevOps and agile methodologies to accelerate development, test, and production lifecycles. Individual containers can be developed within a short timeframe and are easy to duplicate through Continuous Integration and enable more efficient ways to reduce operational costs.
What is Docker?
Docker is an open-source tool for building, deploying, and sharing containerized applications. Docker is used to make containers by packaging system libraries, system tools, code, and runtime details of an application into a single object.
What is Kubernetes?
Kubernetes is an open-source technology used for managing and orchestrating a large number of containers. Kubernetes can manage Dockers which are used to create containers. Essentially, Docker is an engine for creating containers while Kubernetes is a platform for managing the scheduling of containers or groups of containers.

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