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 Future-Proof Your API Management with Amazon API Gateway

Serverless computing has revolutionized the way we run applications, making it effortless to develop and manage APIs. With Amazon API Gateway, you can enjoy a streamlined front door that simplifies access to data, business logic, and functionality from backend services. 

Cloudelligent can harness the power of Amazon API Gateway to deliver secure, scalable, and user-friendly APIs. Accelerate your time-to-market while slashing cloud costs with our powerful API solutions.

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Our Cloud-based Strategy for API Management

We offer powerful API solutions that take the hassle out of managing infrastructure, freeing you to focus on your core strengths and drive innovation.

  • Development

Design, develop, and deploy APIs that meet your specific business needs and requirements with our team of experts. 

  • Integration

Integrate your APIs seamlessly with other services such as AWS Lambda and Amazon EC2, along with containerized and serverless workloads to enable a cohesive ecosystem. 

  • Security

Take advantage of a wide range of authentication patterns and credentials to create secure interactions for your users and protect your APIs from cyber threats.

  • Management

Managing and maintaining your APIs is hassle-free with our support. Monitor, log, and debug your APIs with ease to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

Unlock the Benefits of API Gateway Integration with Cloudelligent


  • Performance at Any scale

      Scale your APIs automatically to handle any amount of traffic, making it ideal for applications that experience unpredictable traffic patterns.  

  • Elevate App and Data Security

      Configure optimal security settings to ensure that your APIs are always protected. Leverage built-in features such as authentication, authorization, and encryption         to safeguard your data.

  • Enjoy Cloud Savings

      Optimize API Gateway configurations to ensure you are only paying for the resources needed, enabling you to reduce costs and improve the bottom line. 

  • Easy Monitoring

      Effectively monitor your API usage, performance, and errors which can help you identify and troubleshoot issues in real-time.

Our Clients with Amazon EKS Integration

Build, Publish and Maintain Secure Your APIs with Cloudelligent

Rapidly launch new applications and scale your business by leveraging Amazon API Gateway and the expertise of our cloud team.

Cloudelligent has been more than the company that helped us to move our servers to AWS with efficacity and efficiency but thanks to their proactivity and user oriented services they now support our IT operations with a 24/7 help desk service providing complete satisfaction to our users around the world. They are also a great resource for individual technology projects, such as a knowledge library development in SharePoint.
Knowledgeable, accessible, and user friendly partner for IT projects with international footprint and capabilities.

Review from: Luis M. Garcia CFO, Water For People