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Streamline Multi-Account Governance With AWS Control  Tower

Setting up a Landing Zone and governing your AWS accounts can be a complex and time-consuming process. AWS Control Tower offers the simplest way to streamline management of your Landing Zone using a secure and compliant multi-account structure. Cloudelligent can help you address the design decisions around AWS Landing Zone implementation. We also provide you with a ready-to-use framework to start the automation of all required Landing Zone components. 
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AWS Control Tower Design and Deployment Capabilities

Our multi-account governance solution combines AWS Control Tower with other AWS services to help you set up and govern a Landing Zone using industry best practices. We help you: .

  • Migrate from legacy account structures to a secure multi-account AWS environment.
  • Set optimal configurations for account structure, networking, security, and access management. 
  • Move established AWS accounts under central governance and ensure conformity to best practices. 
  • Achieve continuous compliance through governance guardrails and Service Control Policies (SCPs).
  • Configure centralized multi accounts authentication through AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO).  

Benefits of Deploying AWS Control Tower with Cloudelligent


  • Quick Configuration 

        Distributed teams can provision, secure, and manage new AWS accounts quickly and efficiently. 

  • Security Best Practices Implementation 

        Configure and enforce security and governance policies, guardrails, and monitors. 

  • Centralized Account Management 

       Use a single location to govern your workloads with rules for security, operations, and internal compliance.  

  • Customizable Environment 

        Define multiple accounts and environments, using different policies and guardrails based on your requirements.   

  • Enhanced Account Visibility 

        Leverage visual indicators on AWS Control Tower’s dashboard to monitor the state of your AWS accounts.

Cloudelligent Clients with AWS Control Tower Deployment

Deploy a Seemless Muliti-Acccount Landscape on the Cloud

Let Cloudelligent orchestrate your multi-account environment and simplify your governance controls across your workloads by deploying AWS Control Tower. 

Cloudelligent has been more than the company that helped us to move our servers to AWS with efficacity and efficiency but thanks to their proactivity and user oriented services they now support our IT operations with a 24/7 help desk service providing complete satisfaction to our users around the world. They are also a great resource for individual technology projects, such as a knowledge library development in SharePoint.
Knowledgeable, accessible, and user friendly partner for IT projects with international footprint and capabilities.

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