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Cenote Solutions Boosts their Performance and Security with AWS Solutions

About Cenote Solutions

Cenote Solutions develops specialist applications and services to the education and training sectors. Their aim is to maximize the value of existing data within educational institutions to improve student recruitment, engagement, retention, and outcomes. Cenote Solutions focuses on international admissions optimization through prioritization modelling and management. Their EdTech applications are built from the ground up to be cloud-deployed, fully responsive, secure and accessibility compliant.

Business Challenge

With a strong focus on business growth, Cenote Solutions needed help in building and maintaining an AWS Well-Architected infrastructure to:With a strong focus on business growth, Cenote Solutions needed help in building and maintaining an AWS Well-Architected infrastructure to:

  • Boost the performance, scalability, and availability of their applications
  • Optimize their cloud operations and run workloads more efficiently
  • Enhance security and compliance measures to ensure data privacy and protection.

Cloudelligent’s Solution

Our team collaborated closely with Cenote Solutions to determine their requirements. We conducted an in-depth analysis of their architecture and deployed the most efficient solution to enhance their performance. Cloudelligent successfully delivered a high-performing, reliable, and efficient cloud infrastructure, establishing multiple layers of security protocols.

Cenote Solutions Leverages Several Amazon Web Services

  • EC2: Virtual servers deployed for several use cases.
  • S3: Stores the static content of all applications.
  • OpenSearch Service: Used for real-time application monitoring and website search.
  • Database Migration Service: Uses a replication instance to connect to a source data store, read, and format the data.
  • CloudWatch: Collects monitoring and operational data in the form of logs, metrics, and events.
  • Directory Service: Enables users to use their existing corporate credentials for accessing AWS applications.
  • EFS: Used for volume storage by allowing the container to persist its stage in a cloud-native way.
  • Direct Connect:Provides a way for customers to connect to AWS cloud from an on-premises location.
  • CloudTrail: Records all the API calls made on AWS and is being used for log monitoring.
  • CertificateManager: Provides the public and private SSL/TLS certificates to use with the connected resources.
  • RDS: Stores the application’s data.

Third-Party Tools and Services

  • New Relic: Integrated with the AWS environment via IAM role and provides detailed monitoring of the infrastructure as well as API monitoring using synthetics.
  • Clumio: Built on AWS which securely stores Amazon EBS backups outside of the customer’s AWS account. End-to-end encryption is used for protection, and it is kept in an unchangeable format.
  • nOps: Integrated with AWS via IAM role and helps to ensure that the infrastructure is compliant with the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Cloudelligent’s Solution Architecture for the Customer

The Cloudelligent team collaborated with Cenote Solutions to integrate AWS Well-Architected best practices into their infrastructure. The customer also asked Cloudelligent to provide Managed Cloud Services to proactively identify and address issues, support their development team, collaborate on future projects, and maintain regular communication with product stakeholders.

We helped Cenote Solutions establish secure environments with strict network controls and restructured resources within subnets to enhance their security measures. Additionally, we implemented stronger encryption protocols for data at rest and in-transit, providing even greater protection for their sensitive information. 

Our team configured Amazon EFS to be the storage volume for their application deployed on Amazon ECS. Additionally, we set up EFS to store the custom themes and images uploaded by the users in the Amazon S3 bucket, which triggers an AWS Lambda function to synchronize it to the EFS whenever a new upload occurs.

Results and Benefits: Exceeding Expectations

Our team of experts were able to resolve all of Cenote Solutions’s challenges that delivered a plethora of benefits.


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Operational Excellence

We helped Cenote Solutions to modernize their AWS infrastructure according to industry best practices. Cloudelligent set up a Terraform environment that can automatically provision resources, and the Terraform state is configured to be saved remotely using Amazon S3 buckets. All these enhancements enabled Cenote Solutions to optimize their cloud operations and run workloads efficiently.

Reduced Risk and Enhanced Security

Cloudelligent secured all layers of the customer’s infrastructure by restructuring resources within their subnets. We have also implemented advanced encryption protocols to protect their data at rest and in transit, ensuring the highest level of security. CloudTrail logs are now stored on a separate AWS account to a dedicated and centralized Amazon S3 bucket. These measures elevated Cenote Solutions’s ability to safeguard their data and resources.

Elevated Application Performance

Cenote Solutions enlisted our team of experts to deploy their application on Amazon ECS (Fargate type). Amazon S3 buckets are utilized for storing custom themes and images. Once uploaded, these files are synced to Amazon EFS and become available in the application dashboard. This solution has significantly improved the performance of their application, enabling Cenote Solutions to remain competitive.

Validated Expertise as an ISV

Cloudelligent performed a comprehensive evaluation of Cenote Solutions’ workloads, ensuring they met the AWS Foundation Technical Review (FTR) criteria for security, efficiency, resilience, and cost optimization. We enabled the customer to achieve a validated and differentiated partner status as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), allowing them to offer their applications on AWS Marketplace and expand their revenue streams.

About Cloudelligent

Cloudelligent is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that helps businesses architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads to accelerate their journey to the agile cloud. We support organizations to achieve the desired outcomes and reach new emerging global markets with a diverse team of AWS-Certified Solution Architects and Engineers.