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Cloud Cost Optimization

Spend With Confidence





Accurate Cost Attribution

Track your cloud spend by projects, business, units, and departments

Strategic Cost Reduction

Without affecting performance and security pay only for what you need.

Leverage New Technologies

To improve performance and reduce spend make use of the latest tools and technologies.

Clear Invoicing & Spend Analysis

Customizable invoicing gives you clear insights into your cloud spends.

Optimize your cloud to spend

One of the hidden dangers of an increased focus on cost containment is that you end up under-provisioning resources, inadvertently slowing growth, diminishing resilience, and compromising your users’ ability to take full advantage of your infrastructure. Cloudelligent cost optimization team gives you the confidence that when your cost arises it doesn’t mean to be a waste of money, rather it is increasing in demand. With insight into your spend and control over your casts, you will be able to focus freely on the success and growth of your business.

Moving to the cloud brought the promise of giving you the ability to pay for only the resources and power you actually need and eliminating all other capital expenses but for many companies, cloud cost increases steadily over time, without enough gains in performance, flexibility and user experience. Cloudelligent’s experts will give you that insight, along with the guidance you need to ensure that your cloud spend is productive and efficient, without diminishing your users’ experience.

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