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Accelerate Your Cloud Journey with Cloud Migration Services

The cloud is the future! With Cloudelligent’s Cloud Migration Services, we guarantee a seamless and risk-free migration of your data, applications, and workloads to the AWS platform. Our experienced team of AWS Certified engineers can design and execute successful migrations and help you maximize cost savings and increase business agility with minimal disruptions.

The Business Case for Cloud Migration

Navigating a cloud migration in an optimal way can be challenging and complex as internal teams may lack the technical expertise and required resources. That’s where Cloudelligent comes in. To leverage the reliability, agility, and cost-effective benefits of the cloud, we can help to connect you to AWS and deploy a high-performing cloud infrastructure.

We Constantly Deliver Value for Your Business

Our end-to-end migration solutions are designed to successfully move your data centers to the AWS cloud. We provide a predictable migration schedule, forecast operational costs, and work with you every step of the way.

  • Accurately Forecast Cost
    Gain clear insights into your total cost of ownership (migration and operational costs) when we conduct a Cost Savings Analysis.
  • Detailed Planning
    We develop a tailored migration plan that aligns with your business objectives, and determine the best AWS services and tools for your needs.
  • Reduce Technical Debt
    Replace legacy systems with modern cloud-native solutions to achieve flexibility, performance, and efficiency and reduce your technical debt.
  • Migrate Quickly, Efficiently, and Reliably
    Our 5-step approach for cloud migration is based on AWS best practices and agile methodologies to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.
  • Optimized to Your Needs
    We work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of your business requirements and current IT infrastructure.
  • Leverage Our Experience
    Our AWS certified engineers have years of experience in managing and executing successful AWS cloud migration projects.

Cloud Migration Toolkit We Utilize

AWS Server Migration
Service (AWS SMS)

AWS Application
Migration Service

AWS DataSync

AWS Migration Hub

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)

AWS CloudFormation

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)

Our 5-Step Approach to AWS Migration

We work with you at every stage of the migration process to mitigate any risks and ensure that the end results align with your business objectives.

  • Step 1: Assess
    We collaborate with you to assess your existing data, applications, workloads, and IT infrastructure. We also extract your business goals and objectives, and help you work through any migration challenges or concerns.
  • Step 2: Plan and Design
    We determine the best cloud migration strategies for your organization and design a well-architected AWS infrastructure to meet your security, compliance, performance, and cost requirements.
  • Step 3: Architect
    We build a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure on the AWS platform to ensure long-term success.
  • Step 4: Migrate
    After extensive testing, we migrate your data, applications, and workloads to AWS with minimal service interruptions. We also provide you with up-to-date status during each stage to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Step 5: Optimize
    We optimize your entire AWS environment for cost savings and operational resilience, so your business can obtain the maximum value of cloud adoption.

Elevate Your Business to the AWS Cloud

Get Started Today!

When you are ready to move to the cloud, Cloudelligent does more than just “lift and shift” your existing workloads. With our migration services, we help you to leverage the flexibility and agility of cloud-native solutions and deploy an AWS infrastructure that aligns with your business needs.


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What are the benefits of a successful cloud migration?
A successful cloud migration enables organizations to immediately experience a plethora of advantages.

  • Increase in Business Agility
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Ability to Innovate Faster
  • Increase in Staff Productivity
  • Cost Savings
  • Cloud Scalability
What is a cloud migration strategy?
This is a detailed and tailored plan that helps businesses move their existing on-premises data centers to the cloud as efficiently as possible. Cloudelligent’s 5-step approach to cloud migration is based on AWS best practices and agile methodologies to ensure a smooth relocation to the cloud with minimal downtime and interruptions.
What are some common cloud migration challenges?
Without proper consultation and support from experienced professionals, cloud migrations can be complex and risky to implement due to:

  • Lack of strategy and planning
  • Unforeseen cloud migration costs
  • Implementing security and compliance
  • Experiencing downtime and disruption of operations

With Cloudelligent’s cloud migration services, organizations can place these worries aside and benefit from accelerated business outcomes.

Are there chances of data loss during cloud migration?
Cloudelligent can perform several data backups before the migration process and have several options for data recovery, restoration, and failover.

Cloudelligent has been more than the company that helped us to move our servers to AWS with efficacity and efficiency but thanks to their proactivity and user oriented services they now support our IT operations with a 24/7 help desk service providing complete satisfaction to our users around the world. They are also a great resource for individual technology projects, such as a knowledge library development in SharePoint.
Knowledgeable, accessible, and user friendly partner for IT projects with international footprint and capabilities.

Review from: Luis M. Garcia CFO, Water For People