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Comprehensive Managed Cloud Services for Your AWS Environment

Your journey does not end when your applications and workloads migrate to the AWS platform. After adopting the cloud, the need to continuously monitor, secure, and optimize your AWS infrastructure can become complex. With our 24/7 Managed Cloud Services, Cloudelligent is committed to managing your entire Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment so you can focus on what’s important – driving value for your business.

Operate Your Cloud without Distractions

Businesses are under constant pressure to innovate swiftly and adapt to technological advancements. They cannot afford to lose their competitive edge by becoming distracted with cloud infrastructure management. Our team of experts at Cloudelligent can keep your data, applications, and workloads fully aligned with your evolving business needs.

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Cloudelligent applies a holistic and strategic approach to maintaining your entire environment on the AWS Cloud. We empower your business to adapt, grow, and innovate faster and make the most out of your IT investments.

  • Cloud Strategy and Design
    We review and configure your existing AWS environment by adhering to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and find opportunities for optimization. 
  • Access Management
    Apply fine-grained access control and ensure visibility for centrally managing your AWS resources using IAM and Single sign-on (SSO).
  • Infrastructure Provisioning and Maintenance
    Manage your AWS infrastructure to run cloud services. We create and maintain Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scripts using Terraform for a streamlined deployment.
  • Real-Time Application, Monitoring, and Alerts
    Monitor your AWS environment with a competitive incident response SLA to ensure all resources are running optimally. We also monitor database health and perform troubleshooting for any issues.
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    Schedule operating system updates and patches and automate day-to-day maintenance operations.
  • Dedicated TAM (Technical Account Manager)
    Conduct quarterly business reviews, architectural reviews, operational analyses, and ad hoc reporting. Our TAM works with AWS for cloud initiatives funding.

Tools We Frequently Use for Cloud Management

AWS CloudFormation

Amazon CloudWatch

AWS CloudTrail

AWS OpsWorks

AWS Config

AWS Systems Manager

How Will Our 24/7 Cloud Managed Services Benefit You?

Cloudelligent’s exceptional team of AWS certified experts helps you continuously monitor, maintain, and optimize your AWS environment without causing setbacks in your day-to-day operations.

  • No High Infrastructure Costs
    Reduce large upfront investments and capital expenditures. Efficiently utilize the cloud, so you get the most out of your resources while cutting costs.
  • Resource Optimization
    We eliminate waste by selecting, provisioning, and right-sizing AWS resources to match your changing business needs.
  • Disaster Recovery Support
    We protect your business-critical data, minimize the interruption of critical processes, and safeguard all business operations.
  • Enhanced Reliability and Performance
    We monitor your cloud environment 24/7 to ensure all operations are in order. Solve issues quickly and deliver consistent services to your clients.
  • Free your IT Staff
    With less time spent managing AWS resources, your staff can focus on the strategic business operations that deliver value.
  • Continuous Insights
    Gain clear insights by analyzing key performance metrics, cloud resources and operational activities.

Cloud Management Services You Can Depend On

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Our fully managed cloud services ensure that your AWS infrastructure is always maintained to be highly secure, available, and scalable. Connect with Cloudelligent and learn more about how we can help you with:

  • 24/7 proactive management and monitoring of AWS environments
  • Adoption of cutting-edge Amazon Web Services
  • Optimizing your performance on AWS


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What are cloud managed services?
This is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, monitoring, and securing a business’s cloud infrastructure for improved operations and reduced expenditures. Cloudelligent offers cloud management services, and utilizes a combination of AWS tools to meet business’s needs and requirements.
What are the advantages of partnering with managed cloud service providers?
AWS offers an unmatched breadth and depth of infrastructure functionality and cloud services. However, businesses are not always able to implement and maintain entirely new architectural methodologies. Cloudelligent offers fully managed cloud services and continuous support that allow businesses to focus solely on their core mission instead of worrying about day-to-day IT operations.
How can cloud management services help businesses achieve their goals and objectives?
These services enable businesses to run applications and workloads more efficiently on the cloud. Businesses can also achieve faster product or service delivery, optimize application performance, and improve customer service.

Cloudelligent has been more than the company that helped us to move our servers to AWS with efficacity and efficiency but thanks to their proactivity and user oriented services they now support our IT operations with a 24/7 help desk service providing complete satisfaction to our users around the world. They are also a great resource for individual technology projects, such as a knowledge library development in SharePoint.
Knowledgeable, accessible, and user friendly partner for IT projects with international footprint and capabilities.

Review from: Luis M. Garcia CFO, Water For People