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Eliminate Risks with Cloud Security Managed Services

With  an ever-increasing number of cyberattacks, your AWS environment is at constant risk. Protecting your business from evolving threats requires an advanced team with experience in securing cloud environments and meeting compliance requirements. With Cloudelligent’s Cloud Security Managed Services, we can seamlessly integrate cybersecurity into every aspect of your business and ensure strict compliance across your cloud.


The Urgent Need for Managed Cloud Security

The responsibility for security in a cloud environment is shared between you and AWS. While AWS resources are highly secure, you are responsible for the security of your data, applications, and workloads on the cloud. Security breaches can be detrimental for businesses and lead to costly consequences.

Why Cloud Compliance Matters?

Compliance standards have also evolved and AWS environments are expected to remain compliant with industry guidelines and laws. Without expert guidance and support, it can be highly challenging for internal teams to secure data and workloads to meet cloud compliance.
Why cloud compliance matters

Our Proactive Approach

Cloudelligent follows a security-first approach to protect your entire AWS environment. We utilize sophisticated tools to implement real-time threat detection that eliminate security issues preemptively and ensure cloud compliance.

  • Security Incident Response
    Identify, contain, and eliminate cyberattacks with our stringent security policies, controls, and procedures.
  • Enhanced Data Encryption
    Strengthen data encryption to defend your cloud environment against brute-force attacks and cyberattacks, including malware and ransomware.
  • Host Intrusion Detection/Prevention
    We monitor your cloud infrastructure, analyze traffic, and log any malicious behavior. You gain deep visibility into what is happening on your critical systems.
  • Enhanced Log Aggregation and Analysis
    We collect and standardize log events from various resources across your cloud infrastructure for faster log analysis and enhanced security.
  • Cloud Security
    Improve your security posture and enforce the protection of your data, applications, resources, workloads, and infrastructure against all cyber threats to make your cloud secure.
  • Systems Vulnerability Scanning
    We identify security weaknesses and flaws in your applications and cloud infrastructures to protect your business from breaches and the exposure of sensitive data. We constantly assess to gauge security readiness and minimize risks.

Our Toolkit for Security and Compliance

Amazon Cognito

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon Inspector


AWS Artifact

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Security 360°

Leverage our expertise to implement security strategies that perfectly align with your business objectives.

Continuous Compliance

Continuous Compliance

We provide cloud security governance and ongoing compliance monitoring for the following regulatory requirements.

  • CIS AWS Foundations
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2

Benefits of Security and Compliance with Cloudelligent

  • Automation

Reduce reliance on human intervention to protect your cloud environment and minimize the time spent on managing security.

  • 24×7 Visibility

Gain continuous visibility into your cloud environment with 24×7 monitoring of your critical data, applications, workloads, and cloud resources.

  • Proactive Defense

Detect and remediate any anomalies, threats, and malicious behavior found within your cloud environment.

  • Data Security

We protect your critical data using encryption, strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and tested backups.

  • Higher Availability

        Keep your business-critical systems running securely in case of component failures. Ensure constant availability of your cloud-based data and applications with monitoring, detection, geo-redundancy, and failover protocols.

  • Regulatory Compliance

We manage and maintain regulatory standards and industry-specific compliance across your cloud to protect your confidential and financial data.

Enhance Your Cloud Security and Compliance Posture

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It is our commitment to always search for vulnerabilities and threats, and proactively take precautions to ensure full security and compliance across your AWS environment.


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Is Amazon Web Services (AWS) responsible for all aspects of cloud security?
No, the responsibility for security in a cloud environment is shared between organizations and AWS. While AWS cloud resources and services are tightly secured, businesses are responsible for protecting their data, applications, workloads, and infrastructure on the cloud.
What are security and compliance services on the cloud?
These include security configurations, automation, 24/7 management, monitoring and reporting. Securing your cloud will prevent cyberattacks and loss of data, and minimize downtime.
Why is cloud security vital for businesses?
A secure cloud enables better business outcomes and accelerates operational resilience by:

  • Enforcing protection against security breaches and cyberattacks
  • Managing access for remote working
  • Ensuring disaster recovery in case of failures or disasters
  • Meeting compliance standards for confidential data
Can businesses meet security compliance and governance requirements in AWS environments?
Yes, Cloudelligent in partnership with AWS can help businesses meet regulatory standards and industry-specific compliance on their cloud environments.

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