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Unlock Powerful Business Intelligence with Data Analytics Services

Every business holds a treasure of data that can be utilized to accelerate decision-making, improve business processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth. With Cloudelligent’s Data and Analytics services, you can organize, structure, analyze, and visualize your data through defined data pipelines and uncover actionable insights to elevate your business.

Harness the Power of Your Data to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Collecting, managing, and interpreting the flood of data generated by your business can be complex and time-consuming without the implementation of the right tools and technologies. From data collection to visualization, Cloudelligent can help you leverage the latest Amazon Web Services to enhance your business, improve operational efficiency, seize new revenue opportunities, and provide quality customer service.

Our Cloud-Native Solutions for Data Management and Analytics

Our team of AWS certified experts works closely with you to understand your unique goals and challenges, and provides tailored data solutions for your business to foster long-term success.

  • Data Strategy Consulting
    We help you develop a holistic data strategy that builds a modern foundation for business intelligence and predictive analytics by assessing your current data structures.
  • Data Storage and Management
    We help you build a modern data management system on the AWS cloud. We also help you to manage your data while minimizing disruption and downtime to ensure your team always has access to clean and reliable data.
  • Data Engineering
    We democratize your data, develop data ingestion processes, and create data architecture pipelines for enhanced analytical opportunities.
  • Data Migration
    Move your existing data from one system to another, or migrate on-premises data to AWS data platforms to boost performance and support rapid business growth.
  • Data Modernization
    Transform your existing data landscape on the AWS platform, and optimize siloed, unstructured, and unusable data to improve its quality, accessibility, durability, and readiness for improved decision making.
  • Data Analytics and Business Insights
    We streamline the reporting processes and help you discover a range of visual insights, from historical trending data to real-time data with data analytics tools on AWS.

AWS Data and Analytics Technologies We Utilize

Database and Storage

Amazon RDS

Amazon Athena

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon ElastiCache

AWS Database Migration Service

Amazon S3


Amazon Redshift

Amazon Aurora

AWS Glue

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon QuickSight

AWS Data Pipeline

Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Comprehend

Benefits of Data and Analytics with Cloudelligent

Our data analytics services and solutions can optimize your data ecosystem, help you drive innovation and grasp new opportunities to generate revenue.
  • Manage Your Data with Ease
    With the modern microservices architecture in the AWS platform, you can effortlessly handle and optimize structured and unstructured data for greater availability and accessibility.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions
    Uncover deep and meaningful insights about the needs of your business and customer base to enable data-driven decision making with analytics services on AWS.
  • Reduce Costs
    Migrate your data to scalable and cloud-native databases, data warehouses, and data lakes on AWS that offer superior performance at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional storage systems.
  • Deliver Better Offerings
    Uncover valuable insights from your data and enhance your products and services accordingly to meet the unique needs of your customers and optimize their experiences.
  • Grow Your Business
    Leverage data analytics and data science technologies to anticipate the needs of your customers and improve marketing and sales endeavors
  • Ensure Data Compliance
    Enable compliant data platforms across your AWS environment to protect your confidential and financial data.

Enhance Your Data Capabilities on the Cloud

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Continuous access to the right data at the right time can help you make fast, informed decisions that accelerate innovation and growth. Cloudelligent is committed to providing data solutions that help you extract value and actionable insights from your ever-increasing volumes of data.


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What is data and analytics on the cloud?
Data management is the process of collecting, storing, and optimizing growing data on the AWS platform. Data Analytics drive business outcomes through effective decision making and enhanced customer experiences.
Why is data management on the cloud necessary?
Data management simplifies the storage and access to an organization’s growing data on the cloud. Data that is structured, optimized, and highly available becomes easier to analyze, report, and visualize to support better outcomes.
How can data analytics in AWS be beneficial for organizations?
Utilizing various AWS tools, organizations can examine, visualize, and manipulate their data to make informed decisions about strategies and performance. These services and tools can quickly reveal specific trends and metrics in mass data that would otherwise be lost.
What data challenges can organizations face?
  • Large amounts of unconnected data from different sources
  • No existing formal data governance
  • Siloed, unstructured, and unusable data
  • Lack of optimized data to offer insights and support decision making

Cloudelligent’s data management and analytics services help businesses to overcome such data challenges.

What is predictive analytics?
Predictive analytics allows organizations to evaluate their historical data via specialized algorithms and machine learning, so that they can forecast future outcomes. They include:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost reduction
  • Improving operations

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