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We are a distinct advantage in transforming IT teams from day-to-day fire-fighters to the most efficient ones, delivering splendid customer service. We offer extraordinary visibility and centralized management in managing IT problems to make sure that organizations endure no period of time. we provide organizations a single, unified experience for their customers across all channels. Our service desk engages the customer to initiate an action in one channel, and seamlessly transit to another.

Invest in the future

Provide 24×7 coverage, improve responsiveness, and guarantee’s your company’s future growth is supported.

Stop fighting fires

Find an alternative to solve your business challenges, outsourcing your service desk functions to Cloudelligent.

Outsource Local Expertise

Our specialists fill the gap of IT skills and coverage required to keep up with the increasingly complex technologies required to run today’s business.

Enhanced Managed Services

Cloudelligent provide locally outsourced service desk in order to centralize all support calls and provide 24×7 coverage.

Workflow Automation

Now manage all of your client service operations & tasks more expeditiously, and set your own service desk workflow with our flexible and versatile workflow automation service. We automate your entire help-desk method to eliminate redundant activities that take up a lot of efforts and time if executed manually.

Our automation service allows you to arrange all of your IT service requests, assign raised tickets to individual engineers and prioritize the same for better client expertise.
The workflow automation approach we tend to follow includes tracking down customer & support engineer interaction so as to automate tasks that are more relevant to your support system based on these actions. This helps you remove clutter and increase the productivity of your support system and eliminate unnecessary downtime.

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