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Control Spend with Cloud Cost Management

To maximize your cloud investment,  you need an advanced approach to continuously monitor and analyze resources to enable optimal performance across your AWS infrastructure. Cloudelligent can help you with cloud cost management, analyze AWS usage, services, and pricing options, and offer actionable insights to ensure your cloud spend stays low. 

Why Cloud Cost Optimization Is Crucial for Success?

When businesses become cloud-native, they may incur higher costs than anticipated due to over-provisioning or under-provisioning of AWS resources.

These costs are opaque and challenging to track. An increase in cloud spend may decelerate business growth, reduce operational resilience, and compromise the ability to make the most of your cloud infrastructure.

Our Cost Optimization Services

By partnering with Cloudelligent, your business can continuously optimize cloud spend, enhance performance efficiency, and set on a path of innovation and growth.

  • Accurate Cost Attribution
    Track your cloud spend by projects, business, units, and departments so you can make informed, strategic decisions.
  • Resource Right-Sizing
    Match AWS resources and their size to your workload performance and capacity requirements – at the lowest possible cost.
  • Reserved Instances
    Take advantage of AWS discounts and identify areas where Reserved Instances can provide additional savings.
  • Storage
    Set realistic lifecycle policies for storing your data and ensure high availability and durability.
  • Consolidated Billing Management
    Receive a single invoice for multiple accounts and subscriptions and gain clear insights into your cloud spend.
  • Eliminate Waste
    Identify, regulate, and clean up unused resources within your AWS environment.

Cost Optimization Tools We Utilize

Benefits of Cost Optimization with Cloudelligent

Cloud Cost Management can provide you with the visibility and recommendations necessary to make data-driven decisions and ensure successful business outcomes.

  • Enhance Productivity
    Improve efficiency on a task-by-task basis and enhance your IT workforce’s productivity.
  • Optimize Spend
    Slash cloud spend by 40 to 50 percent and use savings to make smarter business investments.
  • Increase Transparency
    Gain instant visibility and transparency into your AWS resources, usage, and costs.
  • Simplify Billing
    Get clear insight into your spend with streamlined billing and customized reports.
  • Drive Business Agility
    Shorten the time-to-market for products and services and reduce errors.
  • Accelerate Innovation
    Fuel innovation by leveraging new AWS tools and technologies to gain a competitive edge.

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What is cloud cost management?
This is the strategic planning that allows businesses to manage costs associated with their cloud infrastructures. With cost optimization services, a managed service provider can help businesses optimize their cloud architectures that scale based on demand, eliminate waste, and increase cost efficiency.
How does AWS pricing work?
  • Pay-As-You-Go: AWS offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model which allows business to only pay for the specific cloud services they utilize. 
  • Pay Less by Using More: AWS bills businesses by the hour. The more AWS resources are utilized, the less the hourly rates become. 
  • Save When You Reserve: Businesses have the option of reserving cloud resources for a specific time frame, which can reduce costs by 75%.  

Cloudelligent can help businesses with their cloud cost optimization strategies and ensure they are only paying for the resources being utilized.

What are some AWS cost optimization tools?
AWS provides a range of tools for optimization and cost management such as AWS Pricing Calculator and AWS Cost Explorer
Why is cloud cost optimization important?
Businesses can maximize benefits by optimizing their cloud spend. They only pay for cloud resources that deliver the most added value and reduce cloud waste, while investing for growth and digitalization. 
When can businesses see the results of AWS cost optimization?
Results can be seen over the course of a few months depending on how businesses implement their cost optimization strategies.
What are some examples of typical costs in AWS?
Typical costs in AWS are based on compute, storage, and data transfer services.

  • Compute: Charged on an hourly basis
  • Storage: Charged per gigabyte, and billing starts with almost as little as 1 GB
  • Data Transfer: Charged per gigabyte for the data that is transferred

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