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Optimize Your Cloud With the AWS Well-Architected Framework

After adopting cloud technology, how do you determine whether your workloads on AWS are optimized for efficiency, elasticity, and resilience? That’s where Cloudelligent comes to the rescue. We utilize the AWS Well-Architected Framework which provides a consistent set of best practices to evaluate your entire AWS environment, and then offer actionable insights to enhance performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Maximize Your AWS Investments

Even after utilizing the latest AWS technology, businesses may not see any fruitful returns if their cloud infrastructures are not optimized. Running workloads on AWS over a period of time also leads to performance degradation and efficiency loss. Performing regular reviews against the AWS Well Architected Framework is a crucial step in evaluating the operationality and integrity of your AWS environment.

What is the AWS Well-Architected Framework?

After years of experience in designing and reviewing thousands of customers’ successful architectures, the engineers at AWS have identified best practices and created these six pillars.
  • Operational Excellence: Run and monitor systems to deliver business value, and continually improve processes.
  • Security: Protect information, systems, and assets.
  • Reliability: Scale dynamically and quickly recover from failures or disruptions.
  • Performance Efficiency: Use cloud resources efficiently to match business requirements.
  • Cost optimization: Gain visibility into cloud spend and minimize costs.
  • Sustainability: Minimize the environmental impacts of running workloads on AWS.

Benefits of a Well Architected Review (WAR) with Cloudelligent

As an AWS validated Well-Architected Partner, we can perform an in-depth assessment of your AWS environment and help you adopt the latest best practices, optimize costs, and eliminate security gaps.
  • FREE Review with Cloudelligent
    We periodically review your AWS environments for optimization at no additional cost.
  • Realize Cost Savings
    Leverage the full benefits of AWS and optimize usage to reduce your monthly spend.
  • Mitigate Security Risks and Improve Compliance
    Identify and eradicate gaps in your cloud environment’s security with a comprehensive risk assessment, and fix any non-compliant issues.
  • Optimize Performance
    Right-size your resource utilization for maximum performance and automate processes to enable scalability and growth of your business. Cut resource wastage with value-added proactive planning.
  • Minimize System Failures
    Ensure your data, applications, and AWS infrastructure are always highly available and accessible.
  • Drive Continuous Improvement
    Keep up-to-date with the continuous flow of new AWS services and adopt the latest cloud technology to differentiate your business from competitors.

We Utilize nOps to Accelerate Your AWS Well-Architected Reviews

nOps can help you by:

  • discovering workloads that are non-compliant with best practices
  • centralizing AWS accounts into a consolidated billing model
  • offering better oversight and more control of your cloud spend
  • enabling you to design for better performance and reliability.

How Does an AWS Well Architected Review Work?

  • Step 1: Gather Information
    We identify all the existing data, applications and workloads to be reviewed.
  • Step 2: Review
    Conduct a Q&A session between you and Cloudelligent to assess your cloud environment against the six pillars of AWS Well Architected Framework.
  • Step 3: Report
    We generate a report that identifies areas of risks, and opportunities for performance optimization and cost savings.
  • Step 4: Remediate
    Based on the report findings, Cloudelligent helps you resolve issues to support your growing business.

Evaluate Your Cloud to Drive Business Excellence

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It’s not just about operating in the cloud. It’s also about scaling your business to provide better quality to a larger number of clients and driving greater profitability year after year. This all begins with an AWS Well Architected Review with Cloudelligent.


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Why is conducting AWS Well Architected Reviews vital for the success of an organization?
The rapid evolution of AWS services might prevent an organization from unlocking the full potential of the cloud. Over time, running workloads in the cloud may lead to performance degradation, loss of efficiency and security, and increased costs which can make their business vulnerable.
How often should an organization conduct Well Architected Reviews?
It is recommended to conduct these reviews every three to six months for each distinct workload. Organizations can instantly see improvements, compare the new outcomes against the previous reviews, and assess the current status of their AWS infrastructure against best practices. They can also keep pace with newly released AWS services and adopt them to leverage the benefits of cloud technology.
What are the deliverables of a Well-Architected Review (WAR)?
The Well-Architected Review contains:

  • Identification of High-Risk Issues (HRI) and Medium Risk Issues (MRI)
  • Prioritization of risks and opportunities by criticality
  • Roadmap of estimated time and cost to resolve the identified issues
  • Opportunities for cost savings

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