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Fortifying Healthcare Data Security With ML-Powered Amazon Macie

Amazon Macie_Healthcare

With the rise of electronic medical records and connected healthcare devices, the volume and sensitivity of healthcare data are exploding. Safeguarding data such as Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is critical to patient privacy and trust.   Fortunately, cloud-based solutions exist to fortify healthcare data security. This blog post explores how Amazon […]

Understanding the AWS Shared Security Model

Are you planning to migrate your applications to a public cloud, to start a project requiring scalability and fault tolerance? It’s time to think about cloud security and how to handle it. In classical IT, we must first differentiate between infrastructure security and application security, at AWS, it is up to the provider to manage […]

Top 5 Amazon S3 Security Strategies to Shield Your Data

s3 security

Businesses generate petabytes of data at varying speeds and volumes every single day. With the increased use of cloud storage, the risk of security incidents also rises. A security breach could be a simple error that leaves data exposed or a malicious social engineering attack. Therefore, it is critical to have a robust data security […]