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Case Study

Aladtec Migrates to AWS for Enhanced Efficiency and Resilience

About Aladtec

Aladtec helps organizations in public safety to streamline their operations with 24/7 rotational scheduling and comprehensive coverage alerts and communications. Their platform ensures seamless coordination of shifts to facilitate efficient workforce management. By providing real-time alerts and effective communication channels, the software empowers organizations to optimize staffing levels and maintain productivity.

Aladtec Faced the Following Business Challenges

Aladtec sought assistance in achieving their business objectives through several key initiatives, including:
Migrating their application and database onto a redundant infrastructure to ensure higher reliability and resilience.
Leveraging cloud-native backup and recovery solutions, along with infrastructure replication for high availability.
Automating their application deployment processes to streamline release cycles, minimize errors, and enhance productivity.

Key Amazon Web Services Used

⦁ Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
⦁ Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
⦁ Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
⦁ Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
⦁ Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for MySQL
⦁ Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL
⦁ Amazon DynamoDB
⦁ Amazon OpenSearch Service
⦁ AWS Secrets Manager
⦁ AWS Elastic Load Balancing
⦁ Amazon CloudFront
⦁ Amazon Route 53

Third-Party Tools

⦁ New Relic
⦁ Terraform

How Cloudelligent Successfully Solved Aladtec's Challenges


AWS Cloud Migration

Cloudelligent collaborated closely with the Aladtec engineering team to finalize the AWS architecture design for the migration project. We conducted a thorough assessment to dive deep into Aladtec's current infrastructure and understand their specific requirements. Leveraging these findings, we then designed an AWS architecture tailored to Aladtec's needs.

During the mobilize phase, Cloudelligent developed a detailed migration plan outlining each task, its estimated timeframe, and the AWS resources required. In the migrate phase, we executed the "lift-and-shift" strategy to ensure the transfer of Aladtec's workloads to AWS with minimal disruption. Incorporating backup, recovery, and high availability measures, Cloudelligent ensured a resilient and optimized environment for Aladtec's operations.


Managaed Cloud Services

Our Managed Cloud Services go beyond just migration. Cloudelligent implemented automated provisioning and management of scalable AWS infrastructure using Terraform modules. This facilitated best practices for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and standardized deployments for Aladtec.

Additionally, Cloudelligent integrated Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines via Jenkins to automate code building, testing, and deployment processes. Jenkins seamlessly integrates with version control, testing frameworks, and deployment pipelines to ensure efficient application delivery throughout the software development lifecycle.


Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Cloudelligent also conducted a thorough assessment of the Aladtec’s architecture, workloads, and security measures to ensure compliance with the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Any identified issues were promptly addressed by integrating architectural best practices to optimize performance and minimize costs.

Results & Benefits

The Value of Our Customized and Well-Architected Solutions

Cloudelligent helped Aladtec overcome several limitations of their previous infrastructure, resulting in significant benefits.

Elevated Redundancy and High Availability

Cloudelligent aided Aladtec in migrating workloads to AWS, improving redundancy and high availability. Leveraging Auto Scaling, multi-AZ deployments, and Elastic Load Balancing, Aladtec maintains continuous application and database availability while minimizing downtime and enhancing reliability.

Enhanced Business Continuity

Through Cloudelligent’s guidance, Aladtec elevated their backup and restore capabilities on AWS. Leveraging AWS’s resilient architecture, Aladtec could replicate their infrastructure easily in unforeseen circumstances to ensure business continuity.

Streamlined Deployment Processes

Cloudelligent helped Aladtec automate their deployment workflows on AWS, reducing the time and effort required for manual deployment tasks. This reduced deployment time, minimized human errors, and enhanced overall operational efficiency for new releases and updates.
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