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Case Study
Analytics Firm_Data

Analytics Consulting Firm Centralizes Data Management for Enhanced Insights

About the Customer

Our customer is an analytics consulting firm that empowers clients across diverse industries with data modernization and analytics process optimization. Combining analytical, business management, and technological expertise, they collaborate with senior executives to elevate data skills and analytics management to drive increased value and impact.

The Analytics Consulting Firm Faced the Following Business Challenges

Speeding up data ingestion from diverse sources and transforming it into a unified format.
Improving data accuracy and quality for analytics precision and decision-making processes.
Establishing a robust storage system for data synchronization to ensure consistency.
Our customer sought a solution to enable in-depth analysis of their vast data volumes and empower data-driven decision-making.

Cloudelligent Empowers the Analytics Consulting Firm to Reach New Heights


Extracted the Analytics Consulting Firm’s unique performance and cost requirements.


Successfully deployed a highly performant, available, and scalable infrastructure.


Successfully deployed a highly performant, available, and scalable infrastructure.


Conducted an in-depth analysis of their architecture, applications, and data pipelines.


Sped up data ingestion processes and enhanced data accuracy and quality for analytics.

Key Amazon Web Services Used to Address Customer Challenges


How Cloudelligent Successfully Tackled the Customer Challenges


Leveraged Amazon S3 as the core data lake foundation, which enabled the customer to break down data silos and optimize data insights.


Deployed Room to Read's application on Amazon ECS (Fargate) within their production environment.


Implemented Amazon Athena which enables the customer to execute ad-hoc queries on Amazon S3-stored data without infrastructure management.


Utilized Clumio that provides robust data protection and backup solutions for the customer’s Amazon EBS volumes.


Integrated Amazon EFS that automatically scales based on demand and ensures that the data is accessible and consistent across all EC2 instances.


Deployed AWS Glue which allows seamless data movement between data lakes and purpose-built data and analytics services.


Provide Managed Cloud Services for proactive issue identification, dedicated support to their team, and consistent communication with stakeholders.


Provide Managed Cloud Services for proactive issue identification, dedicated support to their development team, and consistent communication with product stakeholders.

Results & Benefits

The Value of Our Customized and Well-Architected Solutions

Harnessing the expertise of our skilled team, we resolved the business challenges and helped our customer unlock a multitude of advantages.

Centralized Data Management

Cloudelligent helped the customer implement Amazon S3 which provides the perfect centralized storage solution for large volumes of data. This consolidation of data in a single location not only streamlined data management but also facilitated comprehensive analysis and enabled data-driven decision-making.

Enhanced Data Insights and Streamlined Operations

Amazon Athena enabled our customer to run ad-hoc queries on the data stored in Amazon S3. With interactive query results, users can iteratively refine their queries and empower data-driven decision-making. AWS Glue enables seamless data movement between data lakes and purpose-built analytics services.

Real-Time Data Consistency and Higher Availability

Cloudelligent enhanced the customer’s website with consistent data across Amazon EC2 instances using Amazon EFS. This centralized file system has real-time updates and shared access. Because of its multiple Availability Zones and fault tolerance, users always have access to accurate and current data which improves their experience.
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