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Case Study

Financial Services Firm Enhances App Performance and Infrastructure Management

About the Customer

Our customer is a leading Financial Services company that specializes in acquiring consumer credit portfolios. Their mission is to aid individuals during unexpected life events and alleviate financial obligations. With a consumer-centric problem-solving ethos, they leverage the latest technology to drive performance and enrich consumer lives.

The Financial Services Firm Faced the Following Business Challenges

Automating their manual processes for infrastructure provisioning and management.
Enhancing the performance of their financial services application to handle increased usage.
Optimizing their development and delivery workflows to ensure consistent deployments.
They were in search of a solution that could optimize application performance and maximize their efficiency on AWS.

Cloudelligent Powers the Financial Services Firm to Reach New Heights


Gathered the Financial Services Company's unique performance, security, and cost requirements by conducting interviews with key stakeholders.


Successfully deployed a highly performant, available, and scalable infrastructure.


Successfully deployed a highly performant, available, and scalable infrastructure using AWS-powered solutions and innovative technologies.


Conducted a comprehensive analysis of their architecture, applications, and workflows to optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Enhanced application performance through strategic modernization strategies. Automated development and delivery workflows to accelerate releases.

Key Amazon Web Services Used to Address Customer Challenges


How Cloudelligent Successfully Tackled the Business Challenges


Implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform to automate the provisioning and management of multiple environments.


Deployed Room to Read's application on Amazon ECS (Fargate) within their production environment.


Deployed AWS Lambda functions as authorizers and proxies to manage access and enhance API security in various applications.


Integrated AWS CodeBuild for code quality assurance, faster development cycles, and automated release pipelines for applications.


Deployed Amazon API Gateway for client authentication and access control to reduce latency between clients and back-end services.


Incorporated DevOps best practices, including deployment automation, GitOps, CI/CD, observability, and security measures.


Provide Managed Cloud Services for proactive issue identification, dedicated cloud-based support, and regular communication with stakeholders.


Provide Managed Cloud Services for proactive issue identification, dedicated support to their development team, and consistent communication with product stakeholders.

Results & Benefits

The Value of Our Customized and Well-Architected Solutions

Harnessing the expertise of our skilled team, we resolved the Financial Services firm’s challenges and helped them unlock a multitude of advantages.

Application Performance Optimization

Our team integrated an Amazon API Gateway REST API in the customer’s architecture for client authentication and access authorization. This enhanced application performance by reducing network latency and caching responses. It also ensures availability and scalability during peak traffic.

Faster Build and Deployment Timeframes

Cloudelligent streamlined the customer’s workflows via an automated CI/CD pipeline along with services such as AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline to ensure consistent deployments. This helps in reducing time-to-market, increasing productivity, and enabling faster innovation.

Enhanced Automation and Reduced Risk

We leveraged Terraform to orchestrate Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and facilitated the automated provisioning and management of multiple environments. This ensures efficient provisioning and management of AWS resources, enhances scalability, and mitigates risks.
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