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Room to Read Enhances Application Performance by Leveraging AWS Solutions

About Room to Read

Room to Read is a non-profit organization that has been collaborating with governments around the world to deliver positive outcomes at scale. They aim to achieve this goal by helping children in historically low-income communities develop literacy skills. They also support girls build various skills to succeed in school and negotiate key life decisions. The organization has been making active efforts to spread its idea by leading community-based projects in several countries.

Room to Read Faced the Following Business Challenges

Enhancing application performance by addressing latency concerns.
Optimizing AWS usage to achieve cost efficiency and manage monthly expenses.
Aligning with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices for enhanced compliance.
Room to Read sought a solution that would help them optimize the speed and performance of their applications. In addition, the nonprofit aimed to lower monthly expenses in order to further their mission.

Cloudelligent Empowers Room to Read in Advancing Their Noble Mission


Worked closely with Room to Read to get a complete understanding of their performance and budget requirements.


Performed an in-depth evaluation of their cloud architecture, applications, security measures, and data pipelines.


Deployed the most efficient solution to enhance the performance of their applications.


Performed an in-depth evaluation of their cloud architecture, applications, security measures, and data pipelines.


Optimized their infrastructure and applications to ensure seamless performance, scalability, and security.

Key Amazon Web Services Used to Address Customer Challenges


How Cloudelligent Successfully Solved Room to Read's Challenges


Delivered an end-to-end solution for Room to Read, utilizing best practices from the AWS Well-Architected Framework.


Deployed Room to Read's application on Amazon ECS (Fargate) within their production environment.


Leveraged Amazon EFS with the ECS container that serves as volume storage and ensures persistence of the container's state.


Utilized Amazon S3 buckets to store application objects and logs which are encrypted with AWS KMS keys for the highest level of security.


Successfully deployed Room to Read's application on Amazon Elastic Container (Fargate) within their production environment.


Implemented Amazon Aurora DB clusters to manage their database which ensure high availability and disaster recovery via a multi-AZ standby instance.


Integrated Commvault to gain control over their educational data hosted on Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS by utilizing the data governance solution.


Utilized Amazon S3 buckets to store objects and various logs related to the applications. Created these buckets under best practices and encrypted them with AWS KMS keys for the highest level of security.

Results & Benefits

The Value of Our Customized and Well-Architected Solutions

Our team of experts successfully addressed all of Room to Read’s challenges, resulting in numerous benefits.

Elevated Application Performance

The latency of Room to Read’s applications was reduced by migrating the PostgreSQL DB to Amazon Aurora DB clusters, which provides faster throughput. Amazon S3 buckets are utilized for storing their application’s static objects which provide low latency and high throughput performance. Amazon EFS volumes are integrated with Amazon ECS to provide persistent storage of containerized applications.

Enhanced Reliability, Availability, and Scalability

Cloudelligent replicated Amazon Aurora DB clusters in a different Region for fast recovery and improved data availability. Aurora automatically backs up cluster volumes and retains restore data for the backup retention period. Continuous and incremental backups allow restoring data up to the latest 5 minutes of activity. Amazon EFS provides elastic and scalable storage for their applications.

Increased Cloud Savings

We conducted a detailed analysis of Room to Read’s existing AWS environment. Our team was able to right-size AWS resources that were either being underutilized or overutilized compared to what was required. We also terminated all the zombie assets. This helped Room to Read reduce up to 40% of their overall costs on their AWS monthly bill.
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