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Case Study

SaaS Company Optimizes Disaster Recovery Strategy and Trims Costs by 20% via Amazon RDS

About the Customer

Our customer is a leading technology company in the financial services sector, providing innovative and efficient auditing software. Their SaaS solutions enable businesses to quickly assess and mitigate issues through audit automation and risk management.

The SaaS Company Faced the Following Business Challenges

Our customer sought assistance in achieving their business objectives through several key initiatives, including:

Implementing a Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy aligned with their Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Establishing a secure and efficient cloud governance framework by setting up a landing zone.

Streamlining infrastructure management by automating resource provisioning, patching, database configuration, and backup processes.


Cloudelligent Powers the SaaS Company to
Reach New Heights


Extracted the SaaS Company's unique performance and cost requirements.


Successfully deployed a highly performant, available, and scalable infrastructure.


Conducted an in-depth analysis of their architecture, applications, security measures, and data pipelines.


Implemented a robust disaster recovery strategy, backup process, and a secure landing zone to ensure utmost data protection and operational stability.

Key Amazon Web Services Used to Address Customer Challenges


How Cloudelligent Successfully the SaaS Company’s Challenges

Set up a secure landing zone using AWS Control Tower which provides a centralized foundation for their cloud environment.

Incorporated DevOps best practices, including deployment automation, GitOps, CI/CD, observability, and security measures.

Integrated AWS Well-Architected best practices into our client's infrastructure.

Implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) through Terraform to streamline and automate the provisioning and management of multiple environments.

Built and executed a robust disaster recovery strategy aligned with their RPO and RTO requirements using Amazon RDS.

Provide Managed Cloud Services for proactive issue identification, dedicated support to their development team, and consistent communication with product stakeholders.

Results & Benefits

The Value of Our Customized and Well-Architected Solutions

Harnessing the expertise of our skilled team, we resolved the SaaS Company’s challenges and helped them unlock a multitude of benefits.

Elevated Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Leveraging Amazon RDS for MySQL, the SaaS Company was able to enhance security and disaster recovery proficiency with multi-Region and multi-account backups. This resulted in improved data resilience, ensuring the safety of their critical information.


Enhanced Cost Efficiency

By dynamically provisioning and removing AWS resources based on demand, the client effectively reduced costs by optimizing workloads with low utilization. Additionally, right-sizing Amazon RDS instances resulted in cost reductions of up to 20%, further enhancing their cost-efficiency measures.

Centralized Infrastructure Components

We assisted the SaaS company in centralizing their infrastructure components by establishing a robust landing zone using AWS Control Tower. This enabled them to effortlessly manage and govern their AWS accounts, ensuring enhanced security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

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