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6 Transformative Benefits of AWS FTR (Foundational Technical Reviews) for ISVs

AWS FTR_Featured Image

Are you an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) looking to launch high-performing and scalable solutions on AWS (Amazon Web Services)? If so, you need to consider getting an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). 

You’ve probably heard about the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The AWS FTR is essentially an in-depth assessment that validates your software products against a subset of these requirements. The FTR focuses on three Well-Architected pillars:

  • Security 
  • Reliability 
  • Operational Excellence 

By meeting these requirements, you can ensure that your solutions are following AWS best practices and reduce risks for your customers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how AWS FTRs can help your ISV tackle business challenges. We’ll also cover the six transformative benefits of getting an FTR and how you can get started with this review today.

Overcoming ISV Business Challenges With AWS FTR

In the fiercely competitive market, ISVs grapple with a plethora of complex challenges. These obstacles demand constant adaptation and innovation to stay relevant and thrive. Some key difficulties include: 

  • Keeping up with technology advancements 
  • Rising customer expectations for high-quality software 
  • Staying cost-effective while delivering innovative solutions 
  • Ensuring scalability for growing user bases and data volumes 
  • Protecting sensitive data from cyber threats 

By identifying areas for optimization, FTRs can equip your ISV to address challenges efficiently while enhancing performance, scalability, and security. Not just that, this review is a mandatory requirement for AWS Partners to access benefits and differentiate their business. 

Ready to elevate your software products on AWS? Cloudelligent’s FTR Services are designed to make your team breeze through the FTR process and set up your ISV for success. Explore our complimentary Foundational Technical Review offering, available exclusively on AWS Marketplace. 

6 Reasons Why AWS FTR is a Game-Changer for ISVs

Let’s dive into the ways AWS FTR can revolutionize your ISV business and accelerate success in the cloud.

1. Mitigate Business Risks

FTRs provide the much-needed visibility to identify and remediate potential risks in your solutions such as security vulnerabilities, performance issues, or compliance gaps. By following the FTR requirements, you can enhance customer satisfaction by delivering secure, reliable, and scalable software products on AWS. 

2. Fast-Track to AWS Validated and Differentiated Partner Status

AWS FTR_AWS Partner (Software Path)

An AWS Foundational Technical Reiew is essential for ISVs aiming to attain Validated and Differentiated Partner status through the AWS ISV Partner Path. By demonstrating technical expertise, adherence to AWS standards, and excellence in cloud-native solutions, your ISV can gain credibility and enjoy heightened visibility within the AWS ecosystem. Moreover, it opens up opportunities for specialized training with AWS, co-marketing opportunities, and business growth. 

3. Qualify for AWS Partner Programs

Within the AWS ecosystem, you can access a range of partner programs that are exclusively available to ISVs that have passed an FTR. These programs include: 

  • AWS Service Ready: Validates your software solutions and their compatibility with specific AWS services. 
  • AWS ISV Accelerate: Empowers your ISV with co-selling and growth opportunities. 

4. Launch Your Solutions on AWS Marketplace 

AWS Marketplace is a great way to reach new customers and grow your business. FTRs can help you meet the requirements for listing your solutions on AWS Marketplace and experience the benefits of increased exposure. 

  • Reach a global audience of 250k+ active customers in 190+ countries. 
  • Build credibility with potential customers with a “Reviewed by AWS” badge. 
  • Choose from flexible pricing models that best suit your needs. 
  • Sell your solution faster with AWS Marketplace’s promotional activities. 
  • Focus on selling your software while AWS handles your payment and billing processes. 

5. Enhance Customer Experiences and Build Loyalty

In the quest to enhance customer experiences and foster loyalty, FTRs can be an indispensable ally. By conducting this review, you can fine-tune your software products and address potential issues such as scalability, security, reliability, and performance before they impact customers. When customers are happy with your solutions, they are more likely to renew their subscriptions, recommend your product to others, and provide positive reviews on AWS. 

6. Unlock AWS Funding Opportunities

With a validated FTR, you can access various AWS Funding Programs which can prove to be instrumental in fueling innovative projects, expanding infrastructure, and accelerating ISV growth. For some businesses, this alone makes up for the time and effort to qualify their software solutions with AWS. Some available programs are: 

  • AWS Activate: Obtain AWS Promotional Credits or monetary funding to offset your costs. 

How To Get Started With an AWS FTR?

For many ISVs, an AWS Foundational Technical Review is well worth the effort for the opportunities, programs, and perks that it unlocks. Partner with Cloudelligent to expedite your FTR process and capitalize on these benefits. 

If you’re ready to learn more or wish to schedule your FREE evaluation, reach out to us today! 

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