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Cloudelligent Achieves AWS Migration Competency Status

AWS Migration Competency

Cloudelligent has recently achieved the AWS Migration Competency and solidified its position as a trusted partner within the AWS Partner Network (APN). This significant milestone underscores Cloudelligent’s specialization in assisting organizations in driving seamless and efficient migrations to the AWS cloud. It adds to Cloudelligent’s growing list of accolades, including the previously attained AWS Storage Competency and further highlights our expertise and commitment to delivering excellence in cloud-native solutions. 

The AWS Competency Program plays a crucial role in guiding customers towards validated AWS Partner solutions and services tailored for specific industry use cases. Competency Partners such as Cloudelligent must meet stringent standards to achieve an AWS Specialization, ensuring customers can find partners with the right expertise and experience to grow their businesses. 

Proven Expertise in Migration to AWS

The AWS Migration Competency highlights Cloudelligent as a partner with proven proficiency and a robust track record of successfully addressing complex migration needs. Our team of AWS-Certified Solutions Architects and Engineers brings extensive experience to the table in orchestrating complex migration projects and consistently delivering exceptional results.  

Success Stories: Powering Seamless Cloud Journeys

Cloudelligent empowered the following clients to achieve seamless and efficient migration to AWS:

Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)

The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), an independent nonprofit organization, sought to migrate its workloads to AWS to enhance operational efficiency and scalability. Cloudelligent empowered NRGI by automating their application deployment processes, providing access to on-demand resources, and boosting elasticity and scalability for dynamic workloads. This migration empowered NRGI to focus more on its core mission of promoting effective governance of natural resources, supported by a robust and agile AWS infrastructure. 

For a detailed insight into NRGI’s migration journey, you can read the case study


Aladtec specializes in public safety employee scheduling software and also benefited significantly from Cloudelligent’s migration expertise. Cloudelligent facilitated Aladtec’s migration to AWS, helping them to elevate their backup and restore capabilities, enhance redundancy and resource availability, and streamline their application deployment process. This transformation enabled Aladtec to leverage the full potential of cloud technology, thereby improving the reliability and efficiency of their services. 

To explore Aladtec’s migration success story in detail, you can dive into the case study

About Cloudelligent

Cloudelligent, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, offers end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to accelerate their journey to AWS. With a diverse team of AWS-Certified Solutions Architects and Engineers, Cloudelligent helps organizations architect, migrate, optimize, secure, and manage their workloads to achieve desired outcomes and expand into new global markets. We help companies innovate faster and maintain their competitive advantage by leveraging AWS services. 

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