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AWS /   Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

Optimize Your Windows-Based Workloads With Amazon EC2

Maximize business agility, security, and cost efficiency with our well-architected solutions for your Windows-based workloads. Let us help you deploy and manage your Windows Servers on Amazon EC2.

Our Capabilities for Amazon EC2 Windows Server

Leverage our expertise in migrating, securing, managing, and optimizing your Microsoft Windows applications and workloads on Amazon EC2.

AWS Cloud Migration

Shift your legacy Windows Servers to AWS, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration process that maintains data integrity and minimizes disruption.

Security Vulnerability Mitigation

Protect your Windows-based workloads and tackle end-of-support security vulnerabilities. Our approach involves in-depth assessments, strategic planning, and swift implementation of security measures.

Application Modernization

Modernize your .NET applications to be cloud-native with strategic analysis, redesign, and integration. Innovate faster with applications that are more scalable, reliable, and secure.

Database Optimization

Deploy, manage, and optimize Microsoft SQL Server databases to deliver peak performance, scalability, and reliability for your critical data.

License Management

Optimize your Microsoft licenses on Amazon EC2 instances to access the latest features, manage your costs, and customize solutions to fit your needs.

Managed File Storage

Utilize Amazon FSx for Windows File Server to access a reliable and scalable file storage solution through the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.
Migrate, Modernize, and Innovate With Our AWS Expertise
Empower your team to deliver innovation and elevate customer experiences by leveraging our deep expertise in AWS technologies.

Get the Most Out of Your Windows Workloads With Cloudelligent

Get the Most Out of Your Windows Workloads With Cloudelligent

Leverage the benefits of Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server to optimize performance, scalability, and operational flexibility.

Enjoy Cost Savings

Choose from a broad range of Amazon EC2 instance types with unique pricing models. Pay only for the compute time you use.

Scale with Flexibility

Dynamically scale Windows workloads by adding compute power, storage, and databases tailored to your unique business needs.

Fortify Security

We continually assess your Windows-based workloads for security gaps, and help you fix any issues quickly and efficiently.

Fast-track Innovation

Speed up innovation by integrating DevOps tools and best practices around your Windows workloads to boost productivity.

Streamline Management

Effortlessly oversee, control, and backup your Windows workloads by leveraging Cloudelligent’s expertise in simplifying cloud operations.

Enhance Reliability

Rely on AWS’s robust infrastructure and automated processes to ensure consistent performance and availability for your Windows workloads.

Trusted by Leaders of Innovation

Discover how Cloudelligent transformed business challenges into successes across a variety of industries.

Nonprofit Drives Global Impact With Optimized Windows Workloads on AWS

At a Glance

Discover how Cloudelligent empowered a nonprofit organization to optimize their Windows workloads and maximize their performance on AWS.

We helped them:

  • Lower the costs of running workloads on their existing AWS environment.
  • Establish a secure connection between their on-premises servers and AWS.
  • Incorporated AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices for optimal performance.

SaaS Company Optimizes Their Disaster Recovery Strategy With AWS Services

At a Glance

Read the story of how Cloudelligent empowered a SaaS Company in the Financial Services sector to optimize their Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy.

We helped them:

  • Elevate their DR proficiency with multi-Region and multi-account backups.
  • Enhance data security, integrity, and control.
  • Centralize their infrastructure components by establishing a robust landing zone.

Cenote Solutions Boosts Their Performance and Security With AWS Services

At a Glance

Discover the story of how Cloudelligent enabled Cenote Solutions to build and manage an AWS Well-Architected infrastructure, fueling the edtech company’s growth and success.

We helped them:

  • Boost their application performance, scalability, and availability.
  • Strengthen security and enhance data protection.
  • Become an AWS-validated ISV and launch solutions on AWS Marketplace.

Room to Read Boosts Application Performance With Innovative AWS Solutions

At a Glance

Explore in detail how Cloudelligent empowered Room to Read, a non-profit organization to modernize their infrastructure and apps through AWS best practices.

Our team helped them:

  • Reduce costs by up to 40% on their AWS bill.
  • Elevate their disaster recovery and backup capabilities.
  • Enhance the performance, scalability, and availability of their applications.

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Ready to Transform Your Windows-Based Workloads?

Enhance the performance, availability, and security
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